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Taking tea with milk or without, it's the aroma and magic of flavors coming together to give one a refreshing experience. No wonder these easy-to-make delicious teas are people's favorites among most beverages. 

We bring you a mix of healthy, exotic and tasty organic teas straight from the foothills of the beautiful valleys of Darjeeling. 

So let's explore our world of some tasty and healthy teas with its dazzling flavors, shall we?


This flavored cup of milkiness is typically made of tea concentration. So if you're into strong flavors, chai lattes are for you! 

Here are some great relishing flavors for chai lattes: 

Masala Chai Latte 

The perfect blend of aromatic Indian spices and herbs giving your tea a unique taste.

Cardamom Chai Latte 

Known for its intense flavor, this cardamom tea helps you relax.

Ginger Chai Latte 

Ginger is a perfect ingredient when it comes to get the right flavors to the tea. 

Golden Chai Latte 

Having the goodness of turmeric, cinnamon and black pepper, this unique golden chai latte helps after a long tiring day. 


We pride in offering our healthy, organic products but this one is an altogether different range with the perfect herbal blend of tea leaves and amazing flavors. 

The 2 flavor categories in this are:

Green Loose Leaf 

This hand selected herbs is a mix of herbal leaves combined with green tea. 

Black Loose Leaf 

This mixture of herbs with black tea soothes the tasty buds every morning. 


These bundles of tea packets are easy-to-make sources of goodness and flavour. Without taking any extra time, your tea is ready in seconds and you will be ready to start your day with energy! 

Green Tea

"A little effort goes a long way".

Green Tea does justice to this phrase for its benefits revolving around detoxification and weight management. 

Stress Relief 

This caffeine free cup of tea helps you relax and calms your inner being all at once. 

Slim Detox 

As the name suggests, these tea bags fulfils your need for body detoxification and helps in balancing your weight for you. 

Lemongrass Ginger 

Needless to say, with ingredients like such, this tea helps not only in boosting your immunity but also takes care of your skincare needs. 

Royal White Tea 

The tea comes from the fine silver hair on the unopened buds of the plant giving a whitish appearance, thus the name.

Take the edge off with a cup of this soothing tea. 

Digestive Oolong

Stay healthy and improve your digestive system with this flavoured Oolong tea. 


All the teas with different varieties of flavors are also available in the loose leaf packaging for you to have an authentic experience!  

Get your bundles now, and brew an ethnic and healthy experience!  

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