May 01, 2020 2 min read


With the challenging times on the rise, following the instructed precautions of maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently and maintaining a clean atmosphere around us is essential.

But so is having a healthy diet that compliments the body with many benefits and which fights everything toxic. There are certain foods that are more essential than the others and one can never be more careful when it comes to doing everything to keep one safe and healthy! 

In order to help you get through these difficult times, we have prepared you with May's Box of the Month - another special COVID-19 relief box - that will help boost your immune system and help in detoxification, which is the need of the hour.



One of the most taxing parts of the situation today is the regular grocery runs. This Whole Dry Milk Powder provides you with a long-term solution to this because of its ability to replace the milk. With the benefits of important vitamins and minerals like vitamin E that solely helps in boosting the immune system, it's a healthy and long-lasting bundle of nutrients.


A cup of our Slim Detox Tea amidst the crisis is all you need to relieve the stress. It doesn't only help to keep a person calm but does wonders for body detoxification through loads of antioxidants present in it. It takes care of your heart, mind, and body - making it an essential to have in these times.

Just have this daily dose of good health regularly and stay safe. 


Rich in fiber and protein, Garbanzo Beans are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. On top of that, the bulking agents increase the feeling of fullness and thus helping in weight management.

There are multiple simple ways to incorporate these beans in a diet. You can have them as curry or just cut up some veggies to have a delicious and healthy garbanzo salad! 


Because of its long shelf value, and considering the situation around, Brown Basmati Rice is an easy choice. It's one of the quickest and easiest foods to make, and compliments almost every other ingredient. What more? This whole grain bundle of nutrients helps in keeping you energized throughout the day. 

Pairing this rice with any kind of curry or just cooking it with veggies would be enough to help you out with tasty food options without compromising with your health!


Along with bringing the color and flavor in food, Organic Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and goes a long to boost your overall health.

This healthy spice can be sprinkled on almost everything and have a long shelf value. It also works greatly in stress tolerance and weight management, due to the presence of curcumin - the bioactive compound found in turmeric.  

Remembering that this is bigger than all of us and it just takes one to make a difference, we wish you well-being with this box of health!

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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