Reclaim your Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 23, 2018 1 min read

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Reclaim your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that Thanksgiving is done, and the weeks of prep and cooking has paid off, it’s time to relax. A full day of feasting and celebrating later, we all have to deal with the aftermath: protruding bellies, holiday hangover and.. leftovers. With all the potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce and bread, are your refrigerators so full that it takes two to close the door? Worry not, our post-thanksgiving recipes will not only make brilliant use of all that food, but they’ll make you feel like this day never ended!

Delicious savoury and sweet dishes that are quick and easy to make, and no food wastage is the ‘cranberry’ on top.

Glorious Turkey Sandwich

with wholegrain bread, cranberries, pickles, feta cheese, crispy fried chicken


Butternut Squash & Chickpeas Burger

with tomato salsa, spinach, avocado and roast veggies

Thanksgiving Special PB&J

with cranberry jelly

Mandatory Grilled Cheese

with apple and brie

Arancini Balls

with cheese, rice, turkey/peas

Turkey/Chicken leftover Tart Pie

with pears, cranberries, cheese and thyme

Regal French Toast

with grilled bananas, cranberries, leftover cake, honey and almond flakes

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November 26, 2018

wow such recipes very thankful thankyou prideteaaaaaaaaaa

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