ChaiMati - Vanilla Chai Latte - Powdered Instant Tea Premix

  • CHAIMATI gets "CHAI ON YOUR MIND" - Just add Hot Water to 1 - 2 spoons of Vanilla Chai Latte powder and enjoy anytime during the day hot or iced.

  • 100% NATURAL INSTANT CHAI LATTE PREMIX - No artificial colors, No flavors, & No preservatives. All natural and safe ingredients

  • BALANCED FLAVOR - Sweetened in the right proportion with Milk, Tea & Ginger for best tasting Chai Latte

  • 100% NATURAL - No artificial colors, No flavors, & No preservatives. All natural and safe ingredients

  • GREAT VALUE & PACKAGING - Available in 8.82oz (250 grams) Easy to Carry Jar (20-25 Cups) & 2 lbs Re-sealable Pack (100 Cups)


    ChaiMati - Vanilla Chai Latte - Powdered Instant Tea Premix.CHAIMATI means "Chai on your Mind". We are crazy about Chai and CHAIMATI brings the finest Indian tea that is cultivated on the fertile misty slopes of Himalayas and carefully selected for its unique taste. Our ethically sourced single origin tea is hand picked, expertly blended, and sustainably packaged to nurture your health by providing essential nutrients in your diet.


    Dairy Whitener (Partly skimmed milk powder), Sugar, Black Tea Extract, Vanilla Extract Powder

    Directions For Hot Chai Latte: Mix 1 Scoop or 3 teaspoons (0.5oz) with 6oz of hot water. For Cold Chai Latte: Mix 1 scoop or 3 teaspoons powder (0.5oz) with 2oz. hot water. Pour over ice and then add 2oz. of cold water or milk.

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    ChaiMati Vanilla Chai – Vanilla Latte Premixes – Instant Powdered tea mix – Amazing flavors ideal for hot and iced tea – 2lbs (32oz) pack - 100 Cups

    ChaiMati means “Chai on your Mind” and this vanilla tea premix from this range is an instant hit amongst all chai lovers who love both vanilla and chai. Smooth and creamy, this vanilla chai cuppa will leave you wanting for more when you are looking to feel the little joys of life. Therefore, it is a great beverage for parties and gatherings as well. When you are looking for ideas out-of-the-box, why not try something ingenious?

    Stimulating Taste

    A uniquely different cup of tea, ChaiMati vanilla chai premix will bring you closer to your love for tea, making you wanting for more. It not only put the chai on your heart but, also on your mind. The taste of vanilla, perfectly balanced with the milk powder, makes for a perfect steaming cup of delicious latte whenever you are craving some refreshment taking a short break from the humdrum of life.

    The best part of the Chaimati latte is that it is ready on the go so you do not have to wait around for a longer time to enjoy its taste. Just mix it in hot water and bam! Your delicious vanilla cuppa is ready.
    Tea is the natural source of nature’s best antioxidant and our vanilla chai cuppa is just what you need to stimulate your mind and boost your mood with the awesome tasting vanilla flavor.
    We believe in quality that comes in great quantity and with Chaimati Vanilla Latte Premix you will get both. The ingredient is in compliance with industry standards giving you only the best for instant rejuvenation.
    Sourced from the fertile and misty slopes of the Himalayas, Chaimati’s perfect vanilla blend mix will rejuvenate your senses with every sip. They are packed through a sustainable process ensuring your health and fitness for every cup you make.
    Hot Vanilla Chai Latte

    Enjoy a cup full of our traditional vanilla chai latte that will refresh and rejuvenate your mind and get your work done for the day!

    Vanilla chai is well-known for its several therapeutic properties like,

    · Calming effect in mind and body

    · Excellent taste that uplifts mood

    Vanilla Chai Ice Cream

    Enjoy your favorite ice cream with a kick of ChaiMati Vanilla Chai Powder.

    • Bring your favorite flavor of ice cream

    • Sprinkle some vanilla latte premix on top of it

    • Enjoy the delectable taste with your favorite book.

    Fruit Vanilla Smoothie

    Make summer-ready drinks with ChaiMati Vanilla Chai Latte Premix. It's simple and ready in minutes.

    • Take 2 frozen bananas (peels removed), 2 scoops of ChaiMati Vanilla Chai Latte

    mix, 1 cup of almond milk, 2 tbsp of maple syrup, ¼ cup walnuts, and flax seeds.

    • Blend all the ingredients well in a blender or food processor.

    • Keep in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy the delicious vanilla chai smoothie.

    Vanilla Chai Latte Cupcakes

    Make cupcakes extra delicious with Vanilla Chai Latte Premix.

    • Bake cupcakes with vanilla chai latte mix for extra flavor.

    • Decorate the cakes with icing.

    • Sprinkle some vanilla latte powder on top of it and enjoy.