November 17, 2020 2 min read


"Small cheer and a great welcome makes a merry feast!" 

With these happy words and Thanksgiving being right around the corner, we bring you our November's Box of the Month, a Thanksgiving special box containing all the holiday special assorted products that are meant to make your day special and merrier! 

The Thanksgiving box of goodness contains: 

Indian Whole White Garbanzo Beans

A prominent part of the legume family and a perfect partner for a Thanksgiving side salad, garbanzo beans help in improving digestion aiding the weight management, and maintaining the blood sugar levels. 

It is also a great replacement for meat in the vegan dishes and people can enjoy delicious salads with loads of veggies to make a perfect healthy snack especially on the holidays! 

Organic Black Pepper Ground

Sometimes, all you need is a little spice to make something all the way better. 

Our black pepper does exactly that for all your perfect dishes. Add a hint of this spice that works greatly in taking care of your skin and hair, and make your Thanksgiving holiday a real success.  

Add it in your side salad or in your turkey stuffing, and see how black pepper flavour never fails to impress! 

Whole Indian Basmati Rice

White Basmati Rice is one of the easiest choices when it comes to making something special with minimum efforts. You want to make a spicy dish or even a dessert, Basmati Rice brings its magic everywhere. Composed of healthy carbs and proteins, it helps keep you energized throughout the day whilst controlling your blood pressure levels. 

This Thanksgiving wait no more to make a delicious stuffing for your traditional turkey. 

Indian Whole Black Eyed Peas

Wrap 'em or Cook 'em, Black Eyed Peas is this versatile ingredient that goes with everything. Use it in a main curry dish or a side salad wrap, black eyed peas is your go-to food for all your exotic recipes. 

Plus with the goodness of calcium and loaded with important vitamins, it's a win-win for everyone! 

Organic Cinnamon Ground

Oh the sweet spice that makes everything nice! 

Used in icings or simply to enhance the sweet taste, cinnamon is loaded with medicinal benefits and antioxidants. 

Make your desserts extra tasty with just a pinch of cinnamon which can easily be incorporated in so many different dessert recipes!

This Thanksgiving box is curated with love to help you make your holidays all the more special.

Let's make this holiday a wonderful one together!

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