Milkylicious Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder – 2.2 lbs (1kg) Jar

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Pure and Clean Nonfat Milk Powder from Milkylicious When you invest in natural and wholesome foods, you get the assurance of taste and health. With that commitment, Milkylicious is here with the range of powdered milk which is free of fat and unnecessary calorie helping you to make healthier choices for your daily food habits. Our premium milk powder is made in a high-tech facility and without the addition of any artificial hormones or chemicals. Enjoy this powder milk in a variety of dishes or just in the classic glass of milk. Directions for Use: Use 3 Tbsp powder with 1 cup of water to make one cup of milk. Use 1/2 cup of nonfat milk powder with 3.5 cups of water to make 1 quart of milk. For best results always use a blender and add the milk powder after the water. Make sure the water is warm or at room temperature for the best mixing result.

  1. All Natural: Low Heat Solubility and Grade A American nonfat milk powder is made with 100% pasteurized milk from the USA. This dehydrated form of milk is brought to you without the water or the cream so that you can only get the nutritious part. This hormones free and nonfat dry milk is ideal for everyday consumption and is great for the diet and calorie-conscious.
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Our milk powder is full of essential vitamins and minerals and is safe for people of all age groups. Non-fat powdered milk is also a rich source of high-quality protein and calcium that is required in day-to-day life. The essential amino acids in milk powder are the building blocks of a healthy body. Get the wholesome goodness of milk with this non-fat milk powder that is rBGH free, rBST free, and comes without any allergens like gluten and is GMO-Free.
  3. Fuss-Free: Our pasteurized milk powder comes in food-grade gourmet jars that are easy to store and has a long shelf life. It instantly mixes with water to give a smooth and creamy consistency. Enjoy the same rich taste of milk in a quick and fuss-free way. Have your glass of milk, smoothie, and coffee without wasting time boiling. Simply pour in hot water and your glass of milk is ready.
  4. Ideal Baking Ingredient: This skimmed milk powder makes for a delicious addition to your favorite baking recipes like bread, cakes, and other confectionaries. The milk powder adds tenderness and flavor with the perfect golden-brown color every time. It has a long shelf-life and easy to store in your pantry to satisfy your sweet tooth and midnight cravings.
  5. USA-Made and Packed in Food Grade Jars: Easy to store in your pantry, the milk powder comes in gourmet food-grade jars which preserve the authenticity of the milk till it lasts. Use the milk powder in a range of dishes for a quick mix and delicious food every time. From smoothies, supplements to lattes, bakes, oatmeal, cereal, and granolas, our milk powder will be an excellent addition making every dish you like even healthier and tastier.