Himalayan Pink Salt Heart Shape Soap by Pride of India – Mineral Rich – Massage Bar/ Spa Ritual at Home – Chemical-free/Natural Occurring Salt Crystals Soap – Good for Skin/Hydrating


The refreshing and calming properties of the naturally occurring Himalayan pink salt are now easily accessible to you with the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap by Pride of India. Make your shower experience worth remembering every time you bathe with this extravagant salt scrub soap. Whether it’s been a long hard day at work or stiff muscles, a warm shower with the salt bath soap de-stresses your body along with gently cleansing away the day’s dirt and debris from the skin. As pink salt is rich in minerals content, it is also likely to strengthen the skin tissues making skin soft and supple. The salt composition effectively works on the odor-causing bacteria living on your skin to form a protective layer. Expect your skin to be exfoliated, moisturized, and protected at the same time with the pink salt bath soap by Pride of India.


  • Made w/ Natural Himalayan Pink Salt: Make your bathing experience a refreshing one with premium quality Himalayan pink salt soap by Pride of India. The naturally occurring salt crystals found at the foothills of the Himalayas are loaded with nature’s potent nutrients and minerals that gently clean and mineralizes the skin for a soft and fresh feeling all day long.
  • Rich in Minerals: Pink salt is a natural substance found on Earth with 84 trace elements and minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron and many more that match the human body. Pride of India’s pink salt scrub soap gives you the benefits of the unadulterated minerals by re-mineralizing the body and balancing the pH level. It is packed with antioxidants for a healthy dose of glow every time you take a bath.
  • Exfoliate & Hydrate: Take your bathing experience to the next level with pink salt soap for a rejuvenating and spa-like feel. The salt granules gently exfoliate and clean the skin from the day’s dirt to bring you fresh, soft skin which hides behind the layer of dead skin cells and pollutants. The pink salt might work on healing rough and dry skin and stimulating circulation giving you well-moisturized skin.
  • Spa Massage at Home: The pink salt bath soap will give you a spa treatment right at your home if you are looking for a quick and easy way to pamper your skin while you shower. Warm the bar directly in the oven at 300o for 2 to 3 minutes. Once, warm pour your favorite body oil on the pink salt bar and use a towel to massage your body with it for an instant refreshing feel. Ideal for days when you need to sit back and unwind.
  • Cruelty-Free: Our pink salt products are safe from any processing or additives and are 100% Cruelty-Free. It is vegan and free of parabens so that you can be, rest assured that only premium quality ingredients go into the making of this soap. For its natural and rejuvenating properties, it is ideal for gifting purposes.

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Pamper Your Skin with Pink Salt Soap by Pride of India

Pink salt is the naturally occurring element abundantly found at the foothills of the Himalayas. Due to its rich trace mineral content like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, the pink salt is now used in a variety of applications and handcrafted accordingly. With Himalayan Pink Salt Soap by Pride of India, you will be able to enjoy all its benefits for an extravagant shower time experience.

The rich mineral content re-mineralizes the body every time you use this soap along with gentle exfoliation that washes the dirt and sweat for a cleaner and fresh feel. Now, every shower will feel extraordinary when you have pink salt crystals soap in your beauty regime. It comes in a heart shape that is easy to hold and ideal for gifting purposes to your loved ones.

At Pride of India, we promise health and vitality with our single-origin and sustainably sourced products so that you can live life to the fullest. Our Himalayan Pink Salt beauty and wellness collection is a step towards fulfilling the promise so that you get the unadulterated and therapeutic benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt in your daily life.
Balances pH Level
Everyday exposure to environmental stress and unhealthy living habits takes a toll on your mind and body resulting in an imbalance of acidity and alkalinity. A shower with the Himalayan salt soap ensures that the pH level of the body is balanced for better functioning of the body.
Relaxes Mind & Body
Loss of minerals and electrolytes from the body creates fatigue and a feeling of dreariness. The pink salt soap effectively re-mineralizes the body. As a result, you will be revitalized and rejuvenated after every wash. If you want to experience a spa at home, salt soap is an ideal inclusion in your bathing regime.
Exfoliates & Soothes Muscles
The natural exfoliating texture of the pink salt soap helps in gently massaging the body that tones and soothes muscles and gives you a relaxed feel. Use it in the shower or whenever you are looking to pamper and calm your skin.


Safety Information

Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.