Halloween Fun Box of the Month

October 01, 2022 2 min read

halloween fun with healthy food and nutrition

Trick or Treat? Of course, it is a treat with Pride of India’s October Box of the Month. We have curated some of the most delicious ingredients for the upcoming spook to ensure that you have lots of fun while staying in top shape. From ingredients that are loved by one all to loads of recipes that you can make with them, here’s to that time of the year when spooky is fun!

Treating becomes extra delicious with a healthier alternative like rock sugar that is ideal for those sweet treats and delicacies while you make some fun bun with high fiber quinoa flour. A jar of mint leaves that are not only loaded with vitamins and minerals but is a refreshing addition to all the drinks at your Halloween party. So, raise the glass to good health and fun as we welcome festivities with our BOTM.

Our Halloween Fun Box of the Month Contains:

Rock Sugar

Halloween and sweet somethings go hand in hand and so you cannot simply think of candies, treats, and chocolate bars without some sugar. Rock Sugar is a great alternative to table sugar giving the right amount of flavor to a variety of foods and drinks. It blends well and gives a subtle sweetness without any overwhelming taste. You can also decorate your food and beverages with these seemingly good-sized rock sugar crystals and enjoy Halloween with health and fun.

Himalayan Black Salt – Extra Fine Grind

Want that extra flavor in your Halloween drinks or simply want to impress the guests by decorating the glasses? Be it anything, Himalayan Black Salt is ideal. It comes packed with 84+ nutrients replenishing the body of the lost mineral while giving you flavor in a lot of foods and beverages. Now, you can dig in without worrying.

Quinoa Flour

Bread and buns are a must-have but if you are watching your weight or simply want to go gluten-free, Quinoa flour is the right match for you. Quinoa Flour Pumpkin bread or some creepy crawlies muffins, anything you can think of, Quinoa Flour can deliver. Watch your health and have fun too with the Quinoa Flour this Halloween.

Chia Seeds

They look like tiny little eggs of some creepers and can be the perfect food decoration item for this Halloween. But when you bite into them, they ooze with health and vitality. Black chia seeds come packed with antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins, protein, fiber, and calcium. Just sprinkle on anything Halloween food and drinks and enjoy.

Tikka Curry Papadums

Saving the best for the last, Tikka Curry Papadum is delicious, crunchy, and comes packed with health so that you can just dip it into sauces and dips and savor the moment. Made with lentils and comes packed with health, they are great for the kids too. A true Halloween treats like no other.

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