Green Tea

Green Tea
Green Tea Green Tea Green Tea Green Tea
Green Tea is a great stress reliever, anxiety buster and an overall body soother. All pure and natural, it has an extremely smooth flavor to it, with no traces of bitter or harsh aftertaste.  Purity of the tea ensures that it’s naturally higher in antioxidants and hence a notch healthier than all others. Been cultivated in India, makes our Green Tea very rare and gives it a uniquely distinct aroma, flavor, as well as color. Regular consumption of Green Tea may have the following health benefits:
  1. May prevent cancers due to high antioxidants.
  2. May lower body anxiety levels & relieve stress. 
  3. May help with diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.
  4. May enhance body metabolism & promotes a healthy skin.
  5. May protect against cardiovascular diseases.
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