Assam Tea

Assam Tea
Assam Tea Assam Tea Assam Tea Assam Tea

Assam is the classic breakfast black tea, possessing a brisk, malty and bright color. One of the first black teas to have been cultivated, our all natural Assam is a rapid energizer, with a rich body and a robust character. Its distinctly strong yet uniquely subtle flavor has allowed it to revolutionize tea drinking habits. With a legacy of tea plantations lasting over centuries, Assam is top class and remains one of its kind. Regular consumption of black tea may have the following health benefits:

  1. May help in diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.
  2. May increase metabolism & regulate cholesterol levels.
  3. May protect against cardiovascular diseases.
  4. May promote healthy skin & bones.
  5. May enhance endurance during exercise.
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