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FairtradeFAIRTRADE is a product certification system that allows people to identify products that meet agreed environmental, labor and developmental standards. It is one of the few certification schemes that tackles poverty and empowers producers in developing countries. From far-away farms to your shopping cart, products that bear this logo come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. The primary motivation is to help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities and offer them a brighter future

FAIRTRADE delivers unique benefits to consumers, producers, and businesses. It gives consumers the confidence that every purchase makes a real impact in the lives of the farmers. For the producers/businesses, it is a mechanism to be socially responsible without exploiting the labor force and avoiding labor law violations at their work facilities. FAIRTRADE is designed and audited to certify equitable trade practices at every level of the supply chain. Therefore, since it’s beginnings in the 1980's and the launch of the FAIRTRADE Mark in 2002, it has become the most widely-recognized ethical label in the world.

Please www.fairtrade.net for more information.