Welcome to Pride of India

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Pride Of India brings to the market 100% pure and organic teas from India so that people can get a feel of our heritage while refreshing themselves in a healthy way. In order to assure/maintain quality, purity and reliability, we have certified our tea through the FDA, USDA, Tea Board of India, Fairtrade as well as the Healthy Choices Program. We are a family owned company and got into the tea industry with one aim - nobody should ever need to import their tea from an estate directly as we will provide unmatched satisfaction and unparalleded quality/purity in our tea.

Experience Our Tea:

Aroma: The unmatched essence of our premium tea redefines the day by refreshing the senses in the first smell. It instills into the soul, a calm feeling of the purity, serenity, and freshness of the nature.

Flavor: Consumed hot or iced, the pure taste of our finest tea takes you straight to the foothills of the Himalayas. It serves as a rapid energizer at work and a subtle soother at home.

Color: A rich Indian heritage is exhibited by our exclusive tea that leaks pure gold into water and exhibits an unparalleled experience of our culture. It reveals our historic tradition and glory.