Healthy Choice Program Certification

Healthy Choice

Healthy ChoiceThe Choices Programme was developed to help the consumer make healthy selections quickly and easily. The ‘Healthy Choice’ stamp lets the consumer know, at a glance, that the tea is a healthy choice within the beverage category as it meets specific product criteria developed by an independent, international group of scientists. The product criteria are used to evaluate food products based on their nutritional composition. The criteria are firmly grounded in four key principles:

• Based on sound, scientific evidence.
• Applicable to all foods and beverages.
• Practical to implement.
• Globally applicable.

As a response to a food industry call to action by the World Health Organization, the Choices Programme aims to take on an active role in tackling the growing problem of rising rates of obesity and diet-related diseases around the world.

The Choices stamp is:

• Credible – With transparent nutrition criteria developed by leading, independent scientists

• Effective – Research demonstrates that Choices may help consumers improve their nutrient intakes

• Recognizable – A single stamp found on a variety of food products and beverages, making the healthy choice easy to distinguish

• International – A global initiative, open to any manufacturing, retail or catering company.

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